A show is only as good as its hosts. And its content. And also maybe the level of technical prowess on behalf of the producers. Probably also the promotion and marketing effort that goes into it as well, so that way the show might actually have listeners. Okay. A show is only as good as its listeners.  Our goal is to bring serious content to our listeners in a not-so-serious way.  We are both writers, and we are also “transformation coaches.” One of us has lost almost 100 pounds. One of us is a nutrition expert and our resident “foodie.”  The other one is a Certified Personal Trainer. All of us love things that are funny. And what we’ve determined is that health and wellness covers a lot of ground, from nutrition and fitness, to sports and leisure, so there truly isn’t anything we wouldn’t consider covering. We also know that laughter is the best medicine (although our attorneys want us to point out we aren’t making any official claims).  We hope you enjoy!

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